The Issue

The Lincoln County Commission recently passed an unreasonably strict ordinance regulating wind energy production. The ordinance more than doubles turbine setbacks distances, effectively banning clean, sustainable and cost-effective wind energy and abandoning millions of dollars in additional tax revenue that a proposed wind farm northeast of Beresford would bring to the county. It effectively blocks a 300 megawatt wind farm that has been proposed and the agreements already signed by over 100 local farmers and landowners.

You can change that by "Voting NO" on July 18

Support Clean Energy


Support sustainable, cost-effective electricity

Wind energy is clean, sustainable and renewable. Not only that, but it’s also a very cost effective way to generate electricity. The price of electricity generated by wind energy is stable and will help bills stay lower for decades to come.


Support Lincoln County

Having a wind power project in Lincoln County will provide an additional 25 million dollars in tax revenue that could be used in county schools, to build and repair roads and help lower Lincoln County taxpayer rates. Additionally, an investment in wind power is an investment in Lincoln County’s economy. Wind power will create jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance.

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Support landowners’ rights

County commissioners shouldn’t take away the rights of farmers, and local landowners should be allowed to decide what they want to do with their land.

Geographic Illustrations 

The new county ordinance enacts strict set-back requirements on the location of any future wind towers. A wind tower must now be at least half a mile from any home. It will be virtually impossible to build any new wind towers in our county under these setback restrictions. Lincoln County residents will lose the tax revenue and other economic benefits that come from wind-energy development.


Under the old law, wind development was possible. 
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Under the new law, wind development is impossible.
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Wind Energy Benefits

Lincoln County will forfeit important benefits if we don’t take a stand together for clean energy.

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Board Member DPCW and CEO of South Dakota Wind Partners

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