What is the effect of this new ordinance? 

The new county ordinance enacts strict set-back requirements on the location of any future wind towers. A wind tower must now be at least half a mile from any home. It will be virtually impossible to build any new wind towers in our county under these setback restrictions. Lincoln County residents will lose the tax revenue and other economic benefits that come from wind-energy development. 

WhY are we voting?

Many residents of Lincoln County, as well as wind-energy developers, strongly objected to the ordinance. The new set-back limits are unnecessarily restrictive. The current setback limit on wind towers in Lincoln County is 1,272 feet. The most common set-back limit in the U.S. is 508 feet. In the future, Lincoln County landowners will have almost no ability to use their land for wind towers since the new set-back limits prohibit wind towers on almost all of the land in Lincoln County. 

What other limitations are on the books for wind towers? 

The Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners recently passed a separate ordinance that put strict limits on noise from wind towers. No one is objecting to those limits, all of which would continue to be on the books.